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Super Tuscan Restaurant Review, 8a Artillery Passage, Spitalfields, E1 7LJ

January 11, 2013

Super Tuscan Restaurant Review, 8a Artillery Passage, Spitalfields, E1 7LJ


Now I’ve found Artillery Passage in Old Spitalfields Market, there’s no stopping me!  Having recently reviewed Olives and Figs I’m now back to review the Super Tuscan, which isn’t as immodest as it may sound.


Super Tuscan is a phrase that describes a Tuscan movement from the 1960s breaking with Chianti tradition and experimenting with the parameters of wine making with fantastic results. 


This restaurant boasts a fine wine menu, but most of all I enjoyed the food!  Our charming waiter who continued boldly sporting a moustache in December, served some delicious dishes to a backdrop of twinkly lights and Christmas music.


For starters we plumped for the mixed bruschetta (topped with tomato, bean and olive oil) and tiny leaves of aubergine wrapped around an oozing mozzarella, which were small but perfectly formed in flavour and texture.


Mains were equally delightful.  My simple pasta dish of tomato and pancetta topped with pecorino cheese, shone.  Quality ingredients, al dente bronze pasta and a velvety sauce made this memorable.


Chargrilled sausage atop a bed of lentils was warming and a perfect accompaniment to the robust red my fellow diner was quaffing. 


Last but certainly not least, holy cannoli filled with mascarpone!  Ok, they weren’t holy but I challenge you to find a more Italian sounding pudding.  Crisp cannoli (an Italian pastry unusual in using red wine to add to the colour and taste) beautifully filled with a sweetened soft cheese combined with chocolate and candied peel pieces.  They were absolutely delicious.  I’m still having flashbacks.  The chef in the background was piping the filling from an enormous catering bag and he was lucky I didn’t wrestle him to the floor to pipe straight from bag to mouth.


This is a lovely little restaurant with an authentic style and service, just a hop, skip and a jump away from the busy market setting of Spitalfields.  I’d even go as far as to say it really is ‘super’.


Two ate and drank with some moderation for this time of year for just over £60 in total.

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