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April 7, 2016

The Pizza Room, 6a Grove Road, E3 5AX

I reviewed the Coffee Room some time ago and heaped praise on the arrival of excellence in service and food in an area that’s a little down at heel.

Things move at quite a lick in this city and since then, not only has an outlet of my favourite gift and stationery shop opened a few doors down (Snap! Run by the glorious Helen), but The Pizza Room has opened, owned by the same establishment as the aforementioned Coffee Room.

You can imagine how hopeful I was of more of the same, which is a little scary as expectations are already high and I didn’t want to jinx it. I was hyper vigilant as I walked in but all was in place: pale grey decor and recycled woods, homely trinkets and the ubiquitous filament lighbulbs? Check, check and check.

I don’t know what their recruitment and customer service training is but the sooner we can roll it out nationwide to every call centre, the better. ‘Charm personified’ was the Silver Fox’s headline on it. I concur. That warm-hearted feeling you can’t quite put your finger on but they all have it in buckets.

And so to the food. Our starters of tomato and onion salad and bruschetta were well seasoned, dressed (in the case of the salad) and flavourful. My bruschetta not only avoided the school boy error of fridge-cold tomatoes but they were actually warm! This upped the flavour levels and was one of my favourite versions of my desert-island starter.

I’m resisting writing an Ode to Pizza here but they were everything you would expect of excellence in pizza: flame-licked base, incorporating crispness yet with a doughy heft. Toppings erred on the side of generous and my calzone version was a show-stopper, causing another restaurant goer to lean in and comment.

Puddings were on offer (chocolate brownie or tiramisu) but at this point the Italian translation of the latter as ‘Pick-Me-up’ was redundant. One more carb, even in the shape of a Savoiardi sponge finger, on the contrary has me thinking ‘Lay-Me-Down’.

In terms of value, you wouldn’t want the price-points to be any higher, and the focus here is on quality rather than cost, but two ate large pizzas, twinned with a fruity white, accompanied by starters, for just over £50 including service. No complaints here and I’m sure we’ll be back.

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